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Protecting Your System from the Effects of Toxins

Many of my patients are confused about the underlying causes of their symptoms. When we visit allopathic doctors, our symptoms are given a name and that is where the curiosity and inquiry often stop. (We have a name now, so let’s medicate it!)

I would like to offer another approach in explaining disease and why symptoms have appeared.

Our bodies, and all living tissue on this planet, have written in their genetic code the absolute desire to thrive and self-regulate. Our tissues and cells cannot and will not, on their own, self-destruct.

So, what causes our tissues and cells to dysregulate?

The primary cause is toxins. These include:

  • Bacteria

  • Chemicals

  • Herbicides

  • Mold

  • Parasites

  • Pesticides

  • Viruses

Of equal importance is the effects of emotional toxins. If someone lives in a state of fear, anxiety, anger or rage, science has proven that these emotional states cause a cascade of chemicals from the brain into tissues and cells, often resulting in mild to severe dysregulation. From a sore lower back to migraines to cancer, toxins are the culprit behind these symptoms.

How do we recover from this infiltration of environmental and emotional toxins into our bodies? First, we need to know at what level the toxins have pushed their way in.

These are the five levels of intoxication and the symptoms experienced at each level:

  1. Modern daily life produces toxins. Metabolic waste must leave the cells and body on a daily basis. This happens best while sleeping at night, when the liver and kidneys gather up waste, which the body expels in the morning. If this process is not working smoothly, the body may experience heaviness in the morning or an energy drop by midday.

  2. If we do not correct what is causing the first level, we move into a more intoxicated state in which the interstitial fluids—all that water in the body (about 85% of our total weight is water)—becomes ‘dirty.’ An indicator of this is that the body smells while sweating. When I finish a hard run and am stinky, I know I am at level two, where there is more fatigue and persistent body odour. Many people consume more coffee, push harder, or use alcohol to relax, hoping to sleep better, which does not work. That approach actually increases the toxic load.

    1. Simple ways to return to level one include drinking more filtered (not tap) water, eat less heavy foods (avoid meats, dairy or fatty foods) and sleep longer for a least one week. Regular sauna sessions, steam baths, alternating hot and cold showers are also great ways to encourage lymphatic drainage and clearing of these toxins.

  3. The toxins are accumulating onto the exterior cell walls. All cells have portals—nutrients in, waste out. When this process becomes restricted, the cells start to grumble. What we ‘hear’ is low-level pain, which not enough to stop us, but it still persists. The headaches grow stronger, the libido drops off, and focus is poor. At this level, many people reach for stimulants or over-the-counter pain medication. This only increases the toxic load, and at this level, detoxification becomes even more important. Using the same suggestions mentioned in level two help, but a more focused approach may be required. Doing a juice fast for three days, eating only one or two meals per day for one week, or working with a healthcare practitioner with the skills to suggest an appropriate detoxification plan are useful. A word of caution: No single detox program fits everyone. Our individual metabolisms and body nutritional needs differ, so choosing the correct detox for you is important for a positive experience.

  4. At this level the toxins have penetrated into the cell’s interior. As pain increases, energy, mental focus and sex drive decrease. Metabolism goes off the rails, resulting in weight gain (usually for women) or weight loss (usually for men). Often in a state of deep concern, we run to our allopathic doctors and are given medication—more toxins—to stop the symptoms, without addressing the underlying causes. At this point, it’s best to reach out for professional help. Detoxification at this level can stir up old physical and emotional toxins, causing the outcome to be either deeply healing or deeply traumatizing.

  5. This is the last level, and one I hope you never reach. As the toxic load builds in the cell’s interior, the toxins push into the mitochondria. That is where DNA from our mothers is stored with the main purpose of keeping the cell reproducing into new cells of the same origin—liver to liver, bone to bone. When the toxins interfere at this level, cells reproduce into different expressions. Allopathic medicine calls this cancer. Cancer is not a thing, but rather it is an event—an expression of confusion of the cell’s ability to reproduce correctly. How do you pull back from cancer or any other chronic cellular dysregulation? Remove the toxins from level five back to level one.

There are two terms that require differentiation: detoxification (or detoxing) and drainage. Detoxing is a process of clearing toxins that are extracellular, or outside the cell. Drainage refers to clearing toxins that are intracellular, or inside the cell matrix.

It is the latter, intracellular, where level five happens and it is where the clearing of toxins must start. For this to be done safely, you need the guidance of someone trained in intracellular drainage.

My training in biotherapeutic drainage allows me to facilitate this level of clearing of toxins. The ETA Scan that I use also works intracellular as well as clearing ancestral toxins, which you acquire at the time of conception and gestation. Often I use both when working with any deep chronic dis-ease.

This concept was taught to me by Dr. Pierre Tondelier, a French doctor and osteopath. As he stated in his first lecture, “I cure diseases because I do not care about the name of the disease, but the cause and the cause is always toxins.”

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the relationship between our food choices, toxins, and how they affect our cellular health, the book Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch explains it well.

In this book, Dr. Lynch connects how our food choices directly affects our expression of cellular health and points clearly to the disease, both mental and physical, that result when our cells are not supported with proper nutrition.

Vibrant health is attainable with the correct information and maintaining your health is simply, one step at a time.

Cameron Moffatt D.O.M.P.

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