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Hypothalamus Reset Technique

In early spring of this year I took an on-line course taught by Dr. Michael Chance, a Florida-based chiropractor. This course, The Hypothalamus Reset Technique (HRT) is an innovative way to correct imbalances in the body and brain by allowing the practitioner to assess and correct the hypothalamus gland. Besides having a long name, this gland is essential to the proper functioning of all of the body’s systems. It’s the main link between the endocrine system and the nervous system.

This development into hypothalamus work stemmed from my concerns regarding cognitive dysfunctions in patients and feeling limited in treating these areas. With HRT, I can address longstanding issues that affect mental, physical, and emotional functions.

Often referred to as ‘the brain of the brain,’ the hypothalamus is like the conductor of the symphony. In this case, the symphony is the body. If music is out of key, no one would go to the third-chair oboe player to address the problem—everyone would go straight to the conductor, who makes decisions for the entire symphony and ensures that everyone performs smoothly as a whole.

Just about everything in the body is affected, directly or indirectly, by the hypothalamus, so its proper functioning is essential. When it is damaged or out of balance, some symptoms may include:

· Digestive issues

· Sleep cycles

· weight gain

· menopausal symptoms

· improper processing of sugar

· thyroid issues

o weight gain or loss

o hair loss

· adrenals problems

o adrenal fatigue

o chronic fatigue

· emotional reactions


o Anxiety

o Depression


Adrenal fatigue is a big focus these days and I object to treating one aspect of a very complex system—the endocrine system. Therefore, I prefer to treat the entire system, and that begins with and is controlled by the hypothalamus.

HRT is conducted by using applied kinesiology muscle testing and vials consisting of homeopathic endocrine glands and neurotransmitters, the chemicals your brain uses for communication. The practitioner can first assess if the endocrine system is out of balance and then begin to correct the dysfunctions through the hypothalamus gland.

For example, if your main concern is digestive, HRT-trained practitioners test your hypothalamus functional while you are chewing. If it is a concern with cognitive function, they test you while you are reading, writing, or in the case of insomnia, even in the dark.

According to Dr. Chance’s HRT website, “Using simple spinal reflex and acupuncture points, HRT turns switches back on and allows the body to return to its regular, more balanced functioning.”

The technique usually requires three to four sessions. The first requires about an hour, and the others take less time, as little as 30 minutes.

Not sure if you have any issues with your hypothalamus? The main causes of its imbalance include:

· Concussions and other head injuries including whiplash

· Anesthetics

· Deeply felt trauma

· Flying in high altitudes (commercial jet travel)

If you have experienced any of those conditions and/or the symptoms mentioned above, you could be a good candidate for HRT and the return to systemic homeostasis, or balance.

Cameron Moffatt DOMP

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