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asrtid from victoria

My husband and I both had hourlong ETA scans with Cameron in January 2023, and we have noticed physical and emotional shifts since then. We both feel less inflamed, especially in our joints. The scan brought to my attention some longstanding digestive issues, which improved immediately after the session and have continued to improve as I follow Cameron’s nutritional and liver-cleansing protocols.


Overall, I have more energy and vitality, and less brain fog. I am paying closer attention to subtle shifts in my mood and physical well being as I focus more on the mind-body connection. After reading the Health.Simply blog posts, I have made some changes in my diet and daily habits too—mostly scaling back on gluten and dairy, which also have reduced inflammation levels.

My first meeting with Cameron marked the turning point in my journey back to health. He brought a wealth of knowledge and perspective, yet still listened with genuine curiosity to my own intuitions about what was happening to me. Through the Hypothalamus Reset Technique, Cameron was able to reset essential systems and circuits in my body that had been disrupted and thrown out of balance.   This work gave me my life back - which is the fundamental wish of anyone that is suffering from a long-term health issue.


Cameron is a true healer, and is capable of bringing interdisciplinary techniques together to find an individualized path to health. He was a most welcome ally through what was the most difficult time of my life. I will be forever grateful.

- nicholas from victoria

Cameron is a godsend. He came highly recommended by a close friend who knew I was going through a challenging time. Without question, it only took the ETA Bio-Resonance Device three days to relieve my symptoms – along with any doubts.

- patricia from vancouver

After over a decade of what seemed to be random and weird health issues Cameron was able to help me figure out what was causing them.

- yvette from vancouver

Cameron sees beyond your symptoms and takes the time required to understand your individual history - stresses, habits, emotional states, etc. In the end he’ll customize his approach to best support you in actually healing, not just treating your symptoms.

- scott from vancouver

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