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Remedying Pain and Anxiety—Without Tylenol or Ativan

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

The buildup of toxins in our cells is wreaking havoc with every aspect of our health.

From headaches to anxiety, digestive issues to skin problems, sleeplessness to cancer, “The root cause of all disease is toxins, and disease has to be addressed on the cellular level, not the symptom level,” explains Cameron Moffatt, Osteopathic Practitioner.

Through the rigorous and proven protocols developed by Dr. Gerard Gueniot, Moffatt uses plant-based and homeopathic remedies that detoxify the body and restore full, optimal, healthy functioning—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Fifty-year-old Sonja Teuwen was shocked to find that her health was suddenly, steadily degenerating, and she couldn’t enjoy her life anymore. Western medicine had no answers for her, and she experienced only marginal relief from her pain through alternative healing methods. In February 2018, she sought help from Moffatt, desperate to find relief from the progressively worsening numbness, stiffness, and pain in her joints and extremities, along with neck and back spasms, stomach pain, anxiety and sleeplessness.

“The medical system wasn’t working,” she laments. “I went to my own doctor time and time again, had ultrasounds, an MRI, every kind of test, and they could find nothing that would cause the amount of discomfort I was experiencing.”

Sonja then put her complete trust in Moffatt, adhering carefully to the Bio-Therapeutic Drainage® protocols he administered. “In the first two months [of treatment], I was noticing my body healing. Already symptoms were lessening,” Sonja explains. “The first thing I noticed was I was getting a good night’s sleep, and had no anxiety. From there, my digestion got better, then the numbness in my feet went away. As we progressed to the third course, my joints stopped hurting at all. Gradually all of the symptoms started to go away, and I felt more vitality; I just felt better and better.”

“Every cell in our body is in communication with the whole, maintaining balance. Toxins disrupt that balance and cause dysregulation. Dysregulation in cells is what causes disease,” Moffatt warns. “The stress modern humans are under is unprecedented; the onslaught of toxins in our environment includes pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, and psychological stress. Inevitably, some system of your body—the weakest—will react. It is all too common to get advice from doctors to medicate the symptoms, and while you may get some temporary relief, medication actually drives the imbalance deeper into your cells, leading to more disease.”

Cleansing the cells requires calming an individual’s habitual response to stress, so that the detoxification process can be optimized; the central nervous system must cooperate with the “drainage” that occurs within the cells, integrating all systems of an individual’s body on the deepest level.

“Each protocol is highly individualized,” Moffat explains, “as unique as the person in front of me, and their specific concerns.”

This tailoring requires self-awareness on the patient’s part. “Personally, for me, it’s very exciting,” Sonja says. “It’s a little scary, the unknown—but that’s where change is; that’s where healing is.

Some days weren’t as great as others,” she says, but Moffatt assured her. “He’s so knowledgeable; he could name the exact medicine that was producing the effect, and we’d adjust. When I’m in a session with him, he gives suggestions, asks me how my life is going, and he’ll pinpoint—quite acutely—the emotional aspect, because emotions and the body are incredibly intertwined.”

Moffatt is reachable—on a daily basis if necessary—to keep communication open and healing on course. While it may seem like the protocols offer a nice, orderly process of healing, Sonja admonishes that cleansing on a cellular level with Moffatt requires both perseverance and a willingness to experience some real discomfort in order to achieve whole and lasting health.

She acknowledges that there are challenges, “physically, emotionally, and mentally—but then there’s the other side you reach.” Anyone with health issues they haven’t been able to solve can decide to put in the effort, put their trust in Moffatt, and enjoy the results, she advises. “It’s definitely all been worth it, to have my life back.”

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