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Is There One Thing That Leads to Long-Term Health?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Yes there is.

(Hint: It's mindfulness.)

I recently attended several presentations at the Victoria Health Show. Many of the presenters were touting the benefits of their various nutraceuticals, minerals, or vitamins. Only one presenter suggested something else. Michelle Morand, M.A., RCC for the Cedric Centre presented a workshop on the mindfulness of eating and our relationship with our food.

Mindfulness is a term often used these days, but how does it apply to our health? If you're like me, you believe that what we eat becomes us, both on a cellular and energetic level. That said, what we eat and how we feel--our mindset regarding the food and our relationship with it--matters.

Here are some important questions to consider:

  • Are you aware of your body’s sensations as you eat and digest your food?

  • Are you relaxed, do you like the company you are with as you eat, who prepared this food and were they happy to do so? (That last part rules out most fast-food situations!)

  • Has your food been grown in a way that you are comfortable with?

  • Did the production, transport and sale of the food harm the environment getting to your table?

If food is energy, that we incorporate into our energetic sphere, consider these options: a factory-farmed chicken who was raised never seeing sunlight while raised on hormones and growth steroids compared to one that roamed outdoors and ate a natural diet designed for chickens.

When you ask yourself those discerning questions, you increase your mindfulness around the food you eat and in extension your health. Blindly consuming whatever you pick up at a supermarket or popping the latest mineral or vitamin does not lead to true health.

Being mindful of the why, how, and what you eat becomes a mind full of consciousness choices. And only you can create lasting, lifelong health.

I’m at my clinic to help people become aware of their own health potentials, and sometimes correct physiological or structural issues. If you could use some help in these areas, I would love to meet with you and find ways, together, to improve your overall mindfulness and well being.

Cameron Moffatt DOMP

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