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How Many Steps Do We Take Each Day?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I won’t keep you waiting: 10,000 steps per day! Surprised?

  • Have you ever considered what this means to your physical structure?

  • How are you organized in your physical being?

  • Do you feel whole and aligned or do you feel disorganized?

These are some of the questions we ponder when we undergo sessions in structural integration.

Ask yourself now: Do I feel lifted and light in this force called gravity, or do I feel burdened, weighed down, and heavy? There is no right or wrong answer here. Your own honest answers will bring you awareness and insight. This is 99 percent towards making any choices towards change for a more empowered self and being.

Structural Integration asks us to question our relationship to gravity. The work reminds us we have the ability to change our structure therefore change our function. The latest research findings indicate that fascia is innervated and it is elastic and plastic, meaning our physical shapes have the ability to adapt and change becoming either more organized or more disorganized; the choice is ours.

Considering just one of those 10,000 steps, one might ask: How am I landing into my legs and feet and how do I lift off? What happens elsewhere in my body as a result of this action? This takes us into some mindfulness work about how we move in gravity. I consider structural integration to be spatial medicine and moving medicine.

Ida Rolf, the creator of structural integration (or Rolfing), was clear that this process is about our relationship to gravity and the ability to lift up into the vertical while staying connected to the ground. She impressed upon all who listened to her the ability of each human being to heal naturally once they were structurally aligned and organized. Nature could then step in and nourish.

Both structural integration and osteopathy concern themselves with supporting you in the field of gravity and movement. If we are brave enough to question the current paradigm of medicine and health care as the model exists, I believe we need to look more closely at movement as part of our health and well being.

So next time you are out there walking or running your kilometers towards Nirvana, check in and ask yourself: Am I lifted up, or am I burdened down?

Cameron Moffatt DOMP

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