• Curtis Gobbett

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Updated: Jun 9

Everyone has heard how we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. But why? There are two main reasons this is important. First, a type of tissue in our body called fascia is the second most hydrated system in our bodies, next to actual blood.

Fascia is found around, over and sometimes even through all organs, bones, muscles, arteries and skin. Because it wraps around all

these structures, it creates the shape of these structures, So imagine placing a plastic bag around your hand and then shrinking the bag with heat, so it sticks to your hand. How well would you be able to move?

Now imagine that bag around your heart (this bag is called the pericardium). Would you rather it be tight and stuck, or pliable allowing the heart muscle to pump your blood? Becoming dehydrated by not drinking enough water daily can do this! Every time you bend over and ask your muscles, tendons and ligaments to stretch, their ability to stretch is dictated by the fluidity, or hydration of the fascia.

The last and most the least important reason to drink water is absorption and elimination. The colon, or large intestine is where waste (feces) is made ready to be expelled from the body. When someone is dehydrated, this process in impaired aka constipation.

When fecal matter is left too long in the colon toxins begin to be reabsorbed back into the blood stream, moving into the liver and kidney again. This places a heavier burden on your organs of elimination and can lead to organ dysfunction. (Not good!)

So we hope this gives you some good reasons why drinking water can really effect in a positive way your general health.

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