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Embrace The Change: A Powerful 30-Day Workshop on Preparing for and Managing Menopause


Welcome to our ‘Menopause- Powerful Ways to Prepare For and Manage It’ workshop. In the first 15 days, we will examine very powerful ways to use nutrition to balance your hormones and explore ways to ensure that your sleep is deep and refreshing.   In the next 15 days, you will learn about how disruptive unmanaged stress can be to your hormonal balance and discover ways to calm that response. I will share with you my years of clinical experience, which have shown me how crucial the hypothalamus is to the balance of your circadian rhythm and, consequently, your hormones. As well, you will learn why exercise is important and which types help menopausal symptoms.  Understanding how these four factors influence menopause is the first step to managing a very natural period in every woman’s life. Over the next 30 days, you will learn powerful tools that are simple to use, easy to maintain, and very effective.  Each day builds upon the previous day. As the course progresses, You will have increasing opportunities to examine what is not working in your lifestyle and to implement effective strategies.  I hope you'll be challenged. You may even get frustrated. Don't worry; everything I ask of you, I have done myself, and I personally understand the emotional challenges of every step. You will not be alone in this.

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